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Movies of dusty plasma experiments

Here are some movies from the video cameras in our experiments.

Movie of voids in dusty plasma

D. Samsonov and J. Goree
Instabilities in a Dusty Plasma with Ion Drag and Ionization
Physical Review E Vol. 59, pp. 1047-1058, 1999

We recorded the optical glow and the laser light scattering (LLS) simultaneously, using two different video cameras.

The two videotapes (glow and LLS) were recorded with common timecodes. We used this timecode to select still images for the paper so that the glow and the LLS pictures are shown at exactly the same time. The MPEG movies shown here, however, do not start at precisely the same video frame. They start at approximately the same time, with an accuracy of ~ 2 sec.


Movie of dust release (demonstration of a plasma-cleaning method)

Click here for movies and explanation orresponding to the paper :

T. Flanagan and J. Goree
Dust release from surfaces exposed to plasma
Physics of Plasmas, Vol.13, article no. 123504, pp. 1-11, 2006

Movie of 2D particle motion under shear (measurement of viscosity)

Movies from this paper:

V. Nosenko and J. Goree
Shear Flows and Shear Viscosity in a Two-Dimensional Yukawa System (Dusty Plasma)
Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93, pp. 155004-1 – 155004-4, 2004


Sketch of apparatus setup:


In this experiment, a 2D suspension of microspheres was levitated. Without any manipulation, they self-organized in a traingular lattice. We then applied shear stress by applying two stripes of laser light. The laser light applies a 'radiation pressure force', pushing the microspheres. The two stripes are parallel, and aligned in the 'x direction.' In the movies, the upper laser beam pushes particles to the right, while the lower one pushes them to the left. This resembles Couette flow, except that there is no solid boundary involved.


Particle motion without any applied shear 2.8 MB avi movie

Particle motion under medium shear (0.82 W laser power) 2.8 MB avi movie

Particle motion under high shear (3.41 W laser power) 3.2 MB avi movie

Movie of wave motion in a 1D chain

Movies from this paper :

Bin Liu, K. Avinash and J. Goree
Transverse Optical Mode in a One-Dimensional Chain
Physical Review Letters, Vol. 91, 255003, 2003

Apparatus setup, for confining a 1D chain by levitating charged particles in an electric sheath above a grooved electrode:


Natural motion, without any laser manipulation 15 MB avi movie

Wave motion excited by laser manipulation modulated at 3 Hz, as shown in sketch above 10 MB avi movie

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