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555 Van Allen Hall:

Dusty plasma experiments are conducted in this lab, which is our largest room:

Our modified GEC chamber. This is one of our two main chambers where we do strongly-coupled dusty plasma experiments:

Our "black chamber", where we in the past we performed experiments that required other types of plasma sources. It's shown here labeled the way it was configured for Tim Flanagan's dust shedding experiments:

We use lots of optics. Here's just a small part of an optical table, with some of our lasers for illuminating and manipulating dust particles:

Students in room 555:

students - room 555


A special tradition in our group: when a PhD student is finished, the student autographs a cable tray near the ceiling in room 555 to record the proud event.

signing cable tray after PhD

501 Van Allen Hall:

This room is our most recently remodeled lab. It houses our "Kuda-Topf" chamber, which is our second main chamber for strongly coupled plasma experiments. It is configured much like room 55, with optical tables and instrument racks

518 Van Allen Hall:

This room is where graduate students have desks. There are also lab benches for setting up equipment, and our parabolic-flight hardware.

Here's the parabolic flight hardware, when it was installed in NASA's aircraft.

blue bar
updated 26 Sep 2018