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555 Van Allen Hall:

Dusty plasma experiments are conducted in this lab, which is our largest room:

Our modified GEC chamber, where we do strongly-coupled dusty plasma experiments:

Our "black chamber", where we do experiments that require other types of plasma sources. It's shown here labeled the way it was configured for Tim Flanagan's dust shedding experiments:

We use lots of optics. Here's just a small part of an optical table, with some of our lasers for illuminating and manipulating dust particles:

Students in room 555:

students - room 555

501 Van Allen Hall:

This room is our most recently remodeled lab. It houses our "Kuda-Topf" chamber, with optical tables and instrument racks

518 Van Allen Hall:

This room is used for data analysis, setting up equipment, and our parabolic-flight hardware.

Here's a photo of the parabolic flight hardware, when it was installed in NASA's aircraft, before coming back to our lab at Iowa.

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