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Here are powerpoint files for some talks given by other group members

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Bin Liu:

Plasma Physics Seminar, The University of Iowa
7 October 2002
“Radiation Pressure and Gas Drag Forces on a Single Particle”



How to view these talks:

  • These are powerpoint files, with a .ppt suffix.
  • Using IE5 or a similar browser, try just clicking on the links to open the powerpoint files directly in your browser window (this will work if you have powerpoint). You can use your keyboard's "page down" button to advance through the talk, including the animation, just the way I would in a talk.
  • If the above doesn't work for you, then try clicking where you will see a file directory; try to download the file you want, for example using a right-mouse-click on the file name, saving it onto your hard disk where you can open it using powerpoint.
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