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Graduate Students
  • Our group is always interested in new graduate students who are seeking a PhD. Please feel free to talk to Professor Goree.
  • RA stipends are available
  • All student research projects are experimental, and they involve both laboratory work and computation. Some also involve simulations, in addition to the experiments, and some involve data analysis of experiments performed on the International Space Station.
  • Student research projects may involve collaboration with other scientists at Iowa and at other locations, in the US and other countries
  • Students will also interact with other group members, typically including a postdoc
  • During a student's PhD thesis work, students:
    • design and build apparatus, including optical, mechanical, and vacuum hardware
    • perform several experiments
    • write code to analyze experimental data
    • give one talk each semester in a seminar
    • give several talks at major conferences
    • write several papers for publication in major journals.
  • Students develop crucial skills that will prepare them for a successful career:
    • design and construction of apparatus
    • using apparatus similar to what's used in industry for semiconductor manufacturing and optics-related industries
    • writing code
    • writing papers
    • giving talks - Professor Goree works with students each semester to perfect their public speaking skills
  • Placement:
    • Our group's students are highly sought by employers.
    • Previous group members have found exactly the type of starting position they sought.
    • The apparatus we use is similar to what is used in plasma processing of semiconductors; therefore, work in our research group prepares the student for a career in the semiconductor industry (two of my previous assistants are now managers of R&D at a large company in Silcon Valley).
    • Our former students who took postdoc positions after receiving a PhD did so because they wanted to pursue a career as a professor or because they wanted experience working in another country.
  • If you are now considering applying for admission to graduate school, please feel free to phone or email Professor Goree. We are happy to have you visit our lab, when you are looking for a graduate school.
  • You can find links to all the forms you need to apply here.

Undergraduate Students

  • If you are an undergraduate majoring in physics, either at The University of Iowa or elsewhere, and if you are in your sophomore year or later, please feel free to contact Professor Goree to inquire about possible research projects in our laboratories.

updated 3 Sep 2013

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