29:294            Advanced Plasma Physics         Fall 2003
Instructor John A. Goree, 512 VAN, phone 335-1843
Lectures MWF    11:30 – 12:20  618 VAN
Office Hours
  • You may see me immediately after lecture
  • Additional office hours will be scheduled when we meet at the first lecture
Prerequisite An introductory plasma physics course, at least one semester.

in bookstore: 

  • Lieberman & Lichtenberg Principles of Plasma Discharges …


  •  Gurnett & Bhattacharjee Introductory Plasma Physics...                   

reserve in library:

  • Nicholson Introduction to Plasma Theory
  • Birdsall: Plasma physics via computer simulation
  • Miyamoto: Plasma Physics for Nuclear Fusion

Tentative schedule:

  • Review of plasma fundamentals      Nicholson Ch. 1, Gurnett Ch. 2
  • Klimontovich equation                    Nicholson Ch. 3
  • Fokker Planck equation                 Nicholson Ch. 4
  • Coulomb collisions                         Nicholson Ch. 5, L & L appendix, Gurnett Ch. 11
  • PIC Particle simulation                  Birdsall  Ch. 2 and ES-1 notes
  • Atomic collisions                           Lieberman & Lichtenberg, Ch. 3
  • Sheaths & probes                         Lieberman & Lichtenberg, Ch. 6
  • Dusty plasmas                               reprints
  • PIC-MC Particle simulation           Birdsall and handout notes
  • Review of Vlasov theory                Nicholson Sec. 6.1-6.3, Gurnett Sec. 8.1              
  • Quasilinear theory                          Nicholson Ch. 10, Gurnett Ch. 10
Homework Approximately 6 assignments, including computer exercises.
  • Assignments use ES-1 and PDP-1 codes.
  • Use X-terminal emulator on PCs in 201 VAN.
  • An account on the newton unix machine is required; see Scott Allendorf, 216A VAN
  • Midterm Exam: 
    • Oral, 20 min
    • emphasis on concepts rather than calculations
  • Final Exam:
    • Written, covers the entire course & lab
    • Official time: 7:30 a.m., Friday, Dec. 19; we will reschedule this to a more convenient time if possible for all students enrolled
Grading S-U grades for graduate students
Special Information Any student who has a disability which may require some modifications of seating, testing or other class requirements should contact me as soon as possible so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.