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29:294            Advanced Plasma Physics         Fall 2005



Instructor      John A. Goree, 512 VAN, phone 335-1843


Lectures        MWF    11:30 – 12:20  618 VAN


Office Hours  You may see me immediately after lecture.

                       Additional office hours will be scheduled when we meet at the first lecture


Prerequisite  An introductory plasma physics course, at least one semester.


Textbook       Nicholson                           course pack copies of Introduction to Plasma Theory

                       Lieberman & Lichtenberg    Principles of Plasma Discharges …


Topics            Review of plasma fundamentals      Nicholson Ch. 1

Klimontovich equation                    Nicholson Ch. 3

Fokker Planck equation                  Nicholson Ch. 4

Coulomb collisions                          Nicholson Ch. 5, L&L appendix

PIC Particle simulation                   ES-1 handout notes

Atomic collisions                            Lieberman & Lichtenberg, Ch. 3

Sheaths & probes                          Lieberman & Lichtenberg, Ch. 6

Dusty plasmas                               Physics Today reprint                                             

Review of Vlasov theory                Nicholson Sec. 6.1 – 6.3

Quasilinear theory                          Nicholson Ch. 10


Homework    Approximately 6 assignments, including computer exercises.


Quizzes          weekly quizzes, 11:30 AM Monday, covering recent reading & lecture notes


Computer      Assignments use the ES-1 codes. Use X-terminal emulator on PCs in 201 VAN.

                       An account on the newton unix machine is required; see Scott Allendorf, 216A VAN


Exams            Midterm Exam:                   Oral, 20 min, emphasis on concepts rather than calculations


                       Final Exam:                         Written, covers the entire course

                                9:45 A.M. Friday, December 16 2005


Grading          S-U grades for graduate students, based on exams, quizzes, and homework


More Info      Departmental Office 203 VAN, DEO Thomas Boggess

For each semester hour credit in the course, students should expect to spend two hours per week preparing for class sessions

I would like to hear from anyone who has a disability which may require some modification of seating, testing, or other class requirements so that appropriate arrangements may be made. Please contact me during the first two weeks. You may contact me during my office hours.

If you have a complaint:  (1)The student should ordinarily try to resolve the matter with the instructor first. (2) If the complaint is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, the student should discuss the matter further with the course supervisor (if the instructor is a teaching assistant), the departmental executive officer, or, in some departments, another faculty member designated to receive complaints. (3) If the matter remains unresolved, the student may submit a written complaint to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, 120 Schaeffer Hall (335-2633). (Graduate students should be directed to the offices of the Graduate College, 205 Gilmore Hall, 335-2137.)

Cheating: If I suspect a student of academic fraud or cheating, I will inform the student in writing. I will report cheating to the dean and recommend discipline.