Update to lab manual

13 January 2009


Lab 2:






Part 4(c)    -- new setion after section 4(b) on page 33

Repeat the amplitude measurements of part 4(a), but instead of recording amplitudes with the analog oscilloscope, use the Agilent 34410A benchtop multimeter. This multimeter can measure RMS AC voltage at frequencies up to 300 kHz.


Connect the multimeter input (upper right red jack) and ground (middle right black jack) where you previously connected the input of the analog oscilloscope. Be sure that the "Terminals Front/Rear" pushbutton is in the "Front" position.


Caution:  DO NOT connect anything to the current (I) input of the multimeter.


Use the benchtop multimeter to select frequency or AC volts by pushing the front panel buttons.


Use the same frequencies as in part 4(a).


Measure Vin and then Vout using the same multimeter by changing the cables you apply to the input of the multimeter.  Use the multimeter to measure frequency also, so that you will record four columns of data:

frequency indicated by function generator, frequency indicated by multimeter, RMS AC input voltage indicated by multimeter, and RMS AC output voltage indicated by multimeter. 


For this part you do not need to record measurement errors.



Part 5:  

For the high-pass filter, use the benchtop multimeter (as in part 4(c)) instead of the analog oscilloscope to make the measurements.