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9th Workshop on the
Physics of Dusty Plasmas
Iowa City
21-23 May 2001

The history of these workshops:

time lapse
1 San Diego Feb. 1986 D.A. Mendis & E.C. Whipple 10
2 Tallahassee, Florida Feb. 1987 Mihaly Horanyi 10 1 y
3 Lawrence, Kansas Oct. 1988 T. Armstrong 15 1.5 y
4 Iowa City Sept. 1990 Chris Goertz 38 2 y
5 Huntsville Alabama March 1993 G. Wilson 38 2.5 y
6 San Diego March 1995 D.A. Mendis & V.W. Chow 37 2 y
1st Intl Conf. Goa India Oct. 1996 P.K. Shukla, D.A. Mendis 100 talks 1.5 y
7 Boulder April 1998 Mihaly Horanyi & Scott Robertson & Bob Walch 50 1.5 y
2nd Intl Conf. Hakone Japan May 1999 Y. Nakamura & P.K. Shukla 169 talks 1 y
8 Santa Fe April 2000 Michael Murillo & Dan Winske 84 1 y
9 Iowa City May 2001 Amitava Bhattacharjee & John Goree & Robert Merlino 1 y
3rd Intl Conf. Durban
South Africa
May 2002 Manfred Hellberg 1 y

Proceedings of earlier workshops:

  • Proceedings of The Sixth Workshop on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas, University of California, San Diego, March 1995, edited by P. K. Shukla and A. Mendis, World Scientific Press
  • Advances in Dusty Plasmas Ed. P.K. Shukla, D.A. Menids and T. Desai, World Sci. Press, Singapore (1997) [Proceedings of 1st Intl. Conference].
  • Physics of Dusty Plasmas, Seventh Workshop, (Conference Proceedings. Vol. 446. Subseries: Plasma Physics), M. Horanyi, S. Robertson, University of Colorado, Boulder, B. Walch, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley (Eds.), 1998 Springer-Verlag New York

Photos of participants of earlier workshops:

History of other workshops:

  • June 1985: "Midnight Sun Workshop on Dusty Plasmas", TromsŲ (Norway). Attendance was 5.
  • Capri Workshop on Dusty Plasmas, Capri (Italy) 1989
  • There was a series of two workshops, focusing primarily on contamination in plasma processing:
    • NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Formation, Transport and Consequence of Particles in Plasma Processing, Bonas (France) September 1993
    • Workshop on Dusty Plasmas, 1995, Wickenburg, Arizona
  • European Workshop on Dusty and Colloidal Plasmas:
    • 1st Bad Honnef (Germany) 1997
    • 2nd Noordwijkerhout (the Netherlands) 1998
    • 3rd Col de Porte (France) 1999
    • 4th Costa da Caparica (Portugal) 2000
    • 5th Potsdam (Germany) 23-25 August 2001

Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Iowa