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9th Workshop on the
Physics of Dusty Plasmas
Iowa City
21-23 May 2001

Abstract submission

Abstract deadline is 2 April 2001

You must submit your abstract electronically:
  • First, prepare your abstract in one of the formats listed below. 
  • Second, submit your abstract, with the help of our abstract-submission form

  • Maximum length: one page.

  • Acceptable formats include:
    • PDF file
      • PDF is our preferred format.
      • use letter size paper, not A4.
    • Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf)
      • use letter size paper, not A4.
    • Plain Text
  • PDF and Word files may include graphics, if desired.
  • PDF or Word files should be formatted like this example. You may download the rtf file for the example abstract.

  • Please do not send:
    • TeX, LaTex, or postscript files.
    • Hardcopy. Ours is  an all-electronic abstract submission.

Oral vs. poster
  • Oral presentations are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions.
  • Posters: We're doing three things  to make posters especially appealing: 
    • All posters will remain on display throughout the workshop. 
    • They will be displayed in the same large room where we eat together Monday and Tuesday. This will encourage  informal discussions in addition to the scheduled time for the talk. 
    • Posters are big: board size is 72 X 48 inches (182 X 122 cm). 
  • Please indicate whether you prefer an oral or poster session.
  • The number of oral presentations will be limited. If your group submits more than one abstract for an oral presentation, please send us a list of the talk titles, rank ordered according to your preference for oral presentation. This will help us choose which talks to assign to oral vs. poster sessions.
  • You may request that your presentation be positioned before or after another speaker.
  • There is no assurance that we can meet all your requests for oral vs. poster or for positioning your paper.

The abstracts will be published as PDF files at this website, in lieu of a published proceedings.

Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Iowa